Cloud Security Solutions

Anticipate, determine, and treat threats with enhanced visibility and better control over the security of your cloud resources

  • Learn the exact level of security of all of your cloud resources
  • Take command of your cloud security by monitoring the settings of your security based on a clear policy
  • Detect risks with behavioral analysis that relies on our worldwide intelligence and proficiency
  • Manage incidents promptly with key information on attacks and proposals of effective solutions

Take command of your cloud security

Set policies for your Azure subscriptions as per the cloud security needs of your own company, custom-fit to the type of apps or the sensitiveness of the data in each subscription.

Produce recommendations based on these policies to lead resource owners through the process of putting the required controls in place — get rid of the guesswork and uncertainty in your cloud security.

Set up integrated cloud security solutions very easily

Rapidly deploy a wide set of security solutions from Microsoft and its partners, including cutting-edge firewalls and antimalware. Apply streamlined provisioning to install security solutions—even the changes affecting your networks are configured for you.

Your security events from partner solutions are automatically collected for analysis and alerting.

Identify risks and devise a quick response

Always remain one step ahead of the classic and new cloud threats with an integrated system based on solid analytics. By cumulating Microsoft global threat intelligence, expertise and know-how into cloud security-related events over your Azure deployments, Security Center enables you to distinguish genuine threats early and diminish false positives.
Cloud security alerts warn you against attack campaign, along with related events and targeted resources, and propose strategies for efficient problem solving and fast recovery.

Protect your deployments with your favorite partner

Install popular applications from reliable partners.