Cloud Transformation Strategy

Master the cloud: Strategic and Operational Plans

Cloud computing is not sci-fi or the next trend, it is the current state of business. Whether on-premises or off, private or public, IT must have a clear strategic and operational plans for cloud services management.

This service is intended for:

  • Infrastructure managers/VPs, IT Directors, and CIOs who thinking about or in the process of migrating infrastructure, services, or applications to a cloud environment (Private, Public, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS).

This service will assist you to:

  • Review and assess established, present and possible cloud initiatives.
  • Evaluate cloud suitability and the benefit of migrating services to the cloud.
  • Build a strategy and a methodology to confront and mitigate risks.
  • Develop an action plan to address all the risks and define your next moves for cloud initiatives.

This service will also help:

  • Executive managers of organizations that are assessing current cloud workloads or considering cloud as a destination for infrastructure, services, and applications.

This service will enable them to:

  • Build a sound and repeatable process to use for all future cloud evaluations.
  • Get rid of the guesswork and have full confidence about cloud value propositions and opportunities.
  • Make sure that the IT resources and abilities in the organization meet the requirements of their evolving business.
  • Identify and express the needs, benefits and arguments behind moving the services to the cloud.

Our approach to develop and implement your enterprise cloud plan

We provide you with different levels of assistance to best meet your needs

DIY Toolkit

Your team already considers this highly important project as a top priority and is dedicating the necessary time and expertise to it, but some support down the road would be extremely useful.

Guided deployment

Your team is aware that there is an issue with a process that needs to be addressed. However, You need support to figure out where to focus. Some verifications throughout the process would help us remain on track.


You have to tackle this project at full speed. Your team have the expertise to assume control as soon as a framework and a strategy are set.


Your team does not have all the required expertise and time to tackle this project. You need support throughout the entire project.