Microsoft Dynamics 365

Do business differently

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive solution to bring your people, data and processes together within your organization; explore a wide range of opportunities thanks to intelligent business applications which help you engage your customers and manage your business more efficiently.

Boost the digitalization of your business with Dynamics 365

Exceed your customers’ expectations while meeting the needs of a changing market by expanding, advancing and modernizing each and every unit of your business.

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Engage Customers

Create a tailor-made experiences for your clients every step of the way, from the initial interest to the closing of the deal.

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Empower Employees

Help your team deliver their best performance through recognizable tools and practical knowledge.

Optimize operations
Enhance Operations

Stay ahead of the curve through smarter processes and a more predictive information system.

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Transform products

Create new business opportunities, automate procedures, and embrace proactivity.

One system, multiple applications that work together intelligently

Drive your whole business from end to end with smart applications that are instantly compatible in the cloud—binding together the abilities of CRM business solutions and ERP systems.

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Dynamics 365 for

Make your network generate income by introducing digital intelligence to every deal.

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Dynamics 365 for
Customer Service

Build a loyal customer base by offering them a more personalized high-quality experience.

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Dynamics 365 for

Take evidence-based decisions with a complete production, sales and financial business solution.

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Dynamics 365 for
Field Service

Acquire smarter capabilities to fully master the service call, including enhanced scheduling and more proactive follow-up.

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Dynamics 365 for
Project Service Automation

Effectively deal with your project-based business and earn better customers’ satisfaction through smart tools.

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Dynamics 365 for

Connect customer experiences by having uniformed sales and marketing strategies with Adobe Marketing Cloud.

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Dynamics 365 for

Take your small to medium-size business to a new level thanks to a one-stop-shop solution for both financial and business management.

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Dynamics 365 for
Customer Insights

Learn valuable insights from your customers to better interact with them and meet their needs more efficiently.